A Farewell to Arms, And Legs, And Corny Jokes!

To my extended family,

I love you.
Thank you for becoming a part of my world these past 12 and a half years.  I've recently made the tough but necessary call to move out of the only state I've called home to explore a new pathway in dentistry in a new country (Texas).
This new opportunity offers a giant first step for transitioning to my back half of my career.  I have put 20 years into chairside dentistry and I'd like to help shepherd the newer generations of dentists to practice with better skills, happier outlooks and a more human way of practicing dentistry.  
Recently I was asked if I could redo my life, would I still be a dentist. I quickly said sure without thinking about it much. But as I've come to grips with leaving this wonderful practice, my heart has been flooding my mind with memories.   
Over the past 12 and a half years, we've experienced so much life together. Having children, seeing children grow into adults, getting sick, getting healthy, new jobs, different careers, new hairstyles and new names.  
The dental chair might as well have been a comfortable couch where we shared our stories, had some laughter and gave each other glimpses of our lives one hopefully painless appointment at a time.  
I cannot think of another occupation where I can experience so much life across cultures and across generations. The wealth of wisdom and heartfelt connections from this community has made me become a more complete human and a better person.  
Hopefully, you've gained something too. I hope that while not eliminated, your dental fears have abated. I hope that you've come to learn the importance of home care and getting regular care from your dental homies.  
I hope you continue to trust my judgment and know that the new doc, Dr Joe Chen is an amazing technician and an even better human. We share the same philosophies of dentistry and life: aim for perfection so that we might catch excellence.  
Until we meet again, with love and gratitude, 
Steven Kim
PS, let Dr Chen know about the science journal where you can learn about cuttlefish and why Apple juice is better than orange juice!  






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Loma Linda Implant Maxicourse - 2011

Global Dental Implant Academy Advanced Live Surgical Course - 2013


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